Week of February 18-24

AHS CHOIRSWEEK OF FEBRUARY 18-24 Upcoming Performances:  Tuesday, Feb 20 – Senior Night – Mads Srs National Anthem Thursday-Saturday, Feb 22-24 - KMEA All-State Choir ChoirMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayEvents & AssessmentsChorale No School Light Lamps Father/Circle Harps Harps Father/Circle Light Sure Harps Sure Father/Circle (Mrs. H @ KMEA) Harps Sure (Mrs. H @ KMEA)
Old School Edition
No School Father/Circle Harps Father/Circle Harps Sure Harps Sure (Mrs. H @ KMEA) Harps Sure (Mrs. H @ KMEA)
Madrigals No School Loch Lomond Totus Selene’s Boat Anthem – Seniors Loch Totus Selene Harps Harps Sure (Mrs. H @ KMEA) Harps Sure (Mrs. H @ KMEA) Concert Choir No School Lamps Father/Circle Solos Lamps Father/Circle Solos – make videos

AMS CHOIRS ​Week of February 18-24 ChoirMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday7/8 Gents NO SCHOOL Ave Jonah Charlottown Father Ave Jonah Charlottown Father Ave Have You Seen (Mrs. H @ KMEA) Ave Have You Seen (Mrs. H @ KMEA) 7/8 Ladies NO SCHOOL Ave Shore Circle Psa…

February 11-17


Upcoming Performances:
Wed, Feb 14 – Mads Delivers Vanity Fair Singing Valentines
Fri, Feb 16 – Mads BB Anthem – Bri & Liz’s Group
ChoirMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayEvents & AssessmentsChorale Sectionals – all songs Sectionals – all songs Group Rehearsal – all songsGroup Rehearsal – all songsNO SCHOOL :DPlacement Tests Due WED 5pm
Dance Auditions Tues & WedOld School Edition
Showcase Review & Clean up Placement Test TimeLearn Circle, Father & HarkCircle, Father, HarkNO SCHOOL :DPlacement Tests Due WED 5pm
Dance Auditions Tues & WedMadrigals Vanity Fair Loch Lomond Selene’s Boat Vanity Fair
Circle/FatherVanity Fair DeliveryCircle/Father
Selene’s BoatNO SCHOOL :DPlacement Tests Due WED 5pm
Dance Auditions Tues & WedConcert Choir Lamps Father/Circle SolosValentine Party/LunchSolosNO SCHOOL :DPlacement Tests Due WED 5pm
Dance Auditions Tues & Wed


Week of February 11-17
Upcoming Performances: 6-12 Concert on MARC…

Week of February 4 -10

DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY - Show Choir Showcase - Saturday, February 10 @ 6pm 

AHS Choirs - 

ChoirMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayEvents & AssessmentsChorale Hallway Lamps Circle/Father Hallway Lamps Circle/Father Hark I HearHark
Circle/FatherReview All
Old School Edition
Review – All known Choreo – Evolution Review – All known
Choreo – EvolutionFootloose Staging
Review AllRun ShowRun ShowSHOW
DAYMadrigals Loch Lomond Vanity Fair Selene’s Boat
Vanity FairHark I Hear
Vanity FairTotus
Vanity FairReview All
Concert Choir Lamps Father/Circle SolosLamps
Father/CircleSolosReview All

AMS Choirs -  Week of February 4-10 ChoirMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday7/8 Gents Father Jonah Ave Ave Charlottown Jonah Father Jonah Charlottown Ave Have You Seen Review all music 7/8 Ladies Psalm Circle Ave Ave Circle Shore Circle Shore Psalm 67 Ave Have You Seen Review all music

Week of January 28 - February 3

AHS CHOIRSUpcoming Performances:
Show Choir Showcase - February 10 - 6pm - AHS Auditorium

ChoirMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayEvents & AssessmentsChorale Hallway ms25-50 Tell My Father/ Will the Circle Lamps – review Hallway – Coda Hark ms 6-16 Hark ms 1-16
Hallway – all
Hark ms 1-16Review All
Old School Edition
Sing – Evolution & Footloose Choreo- Me Tonight Sing – Footloose
Review – Night Away
Choreo – BoogieSing – Evolution
Review – Me Tonight
Choreo – BoogieSing – Evolution & Footloose
Review – Night Away & Me Tonight
Choreo – BoogieReview: Boogie
Choreo: Evolution**Possible Saturday Rehearsal**Madrigals Loch – ms 1-27 Selene ms 80-127 Totus – pg 3-4 Selene ms 80-127
Totus pg 5-8
Loch ms28-39Hark ms 1-16
Anthem – AllTotus pg 9-10
Loch 28-29
Selene – knownHark
Review Loch, Selene, Totus
Concert Choir Lamps Father/Circle SolosLamps

Week of …

Week of January 21-27

Week of January 21-27

ChoirMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayEvents & AssessmentsChorale Light in the Hallway Keep Your Lamps Keep Your Lamps Light in the Hallway Hark I Hear the Harps Eternal
Keep Your Lamps
Light in the HallwayHark I Hear the Harps Eternal
Solo ReviewSolo Auditions
Music Review
Old School Edition
Blame it on the Boogie
Choreo: Dance the Night Away Blame it on the Boogie

Choreo: Dance the Night AwayBlame it on the Boogie
Review Dance Evolution

Choreo: Dance the Night AwayDance Evolution

Choreo: Dance with Me TonightDance Evolution
Blame it on the Boogie

Choreo: Dance with Me Tonight**Possible Saturday Rehearsal**Madrigals Totus tuus Loch Lomond Selene’s Boat Selene’s Boat
Totus tuus
Loch LomondLoch Lomond
Selene’s Boat
Hark, I HearHark, I Hear
Totus tuus
Loch Lomond – solo reviewLoch Lomond – solo auditions
Concert Choir Group Song SolosGroup SongsTheory & SolosReview All
AMS CHOIRS: ChoirMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday7/8 Gents

Week of January 14-20

Reminder:No School - Monday, Janaury 15, 2018

AHS Choirs:

finish learning concert pieces
begin learning contest pieces

Old School Edition
finish learning music on all songs
Choreography starts Monday - January 22

continuing working concert pieces
begin working on additional contest pieces

Concert Choir
M & W = Group Music
T & Th = Duet Music
F = Theory and All Music

AMS Choirs:

Gents' & Ladies' Choirs
continuing learning pieces for March concert

AMS Choirs: Welcome Back! Week of Jan 7-13th

AMS Choirs:

Gents                                                                                      Ladies

Listen to                                                                        Listen toJonah                                                                            Psalm 67Charlottetown                                                              Come to ShoreOh, Won't You Sit Down                                             BabethandazaBegin Learning                                                            Begin LearningJonah                                                                            Psalm 67 Tuesday  Listen to                                                                       Listen toAve Verum                                                                  Ave VerumTell My Father                                                            Ladies' PieceLearn                                                                            Lea…